• Clean and hermetic conveying system;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Material conveying in short and long distances, using only one drive;
  • Easy access to maintenance;
  • Complies with NR-12 regulation requests.

The Kontinuer Lamella Pumps are equipment designed to realise the conveying of raw material with high rates of viscosity, as offal and crushed bones, coming from porcine, cattle or entire carcasses of poultry and fish, except feather. The by-product is delivered in a bin that feeds the pump which will realise the transportation through a rotational move of its paddles, generating by this a positive move. This system of conveying by lamella pump allows that are transported enormous quantities of material for long distances utilising just one drive.

At the end of the process, when finishes the conveying, valves installed in piping extension realise the system cleaning, avoiding the material accumulation between processing intervals.

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