• Fast return of investment;
  • High efficiency and no energy consumption;
  • Rigid structure, resistant and of easy access to maintenance;
  • Complies with the NR-12 regulation requests.

The Kontinuer’s Heat Exchangers are equipment designed to reduce the temperature of the usual residual gases from the process, and it has mass flow capacity from 3500 to 9000 kg/h.

The equipment works with the principle of utilising usual gases from the process that enter into the exchanger with high temperature, then exchanging heat with water in room temperature that circulates inside the pipe beam that comes to condensate and to demand an Air Cooler Condenser of minor capacity.

Besides reducing temperature of the residual gases, it warms up water to several purposes in an animal by-product processing plant.

This range of equipment joins high performance, low costs of operation, flexibility to the process, being able to absorb different rates of production (into their respective capacities) and is easy maintenance equipment.

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