• High capacity if evaporation;
  • System can be completely automated;
  • Can be utilised with raw material of cattle, porcine, poultry and fish origin;
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption;
  • Rigid structure, resistant and of easy access to maintenance;
  • Multi piping shaft;
  • Complies with NR-12 regulations requests.

The Kontinuer Continuous Cookers are ADVANTAGES equipment highly efficient for animal origin raw material cooking. This range of equipment can be dimensioned to big and small productions.

The method consists in thermal exchange between the product and a multi piping shaft that is heated through saturated steam circulation inside it. An efficient
drainage system eliminates the condensates in the shaft’s interior guaranteeing a maximum efficiency.

The process with Kontinuer Continuous Cookers guarantees homogeneity in the final product and low steam consumption.

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