• Improves efficiency of the boiler;
  • Savings of 10% to 15% with boiler fuel costs;
  • Reduces losses of pressure and temperature in the tank of boiler feeding;
  • Complies with NR-12 regulations requests.

The Kontinuer Condensates Recovering System (SRC) is an efficient system in saving steam in meal factories, reducing costs with steam production from 10% to 15%.

In a normal process without SRC, the condensates generated in the process of cooking, coming from the shaft of dryers and cookers, return to feed tank of the boiler at atmospheric pressure, occasioning the loss of pressure and temperature, what means, loss of energy.

When SRC is applied in the process, the condensates extracted from the shaft of the cookers and dryer are stored in a tank where its pressure and temperature keep constant, what means, the boiler will consume a smaller quantity of fuel to transform these condensates into saturated steam again, reducing the waste of energy, resulting in fuel savings.

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