• The production process can be fully automated;
  • Standard equipment includes load cells and endpoint monitoring for moisture control;
  • Automated valves provided for loading and unloading, steam control and pressure venting;
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption;
  • Robust design with easy access for maintenance;
  • The Batch cooker is delivered insulated with accessories pre- assembled for minimal on-site work and quick start up.

Kontinuer’s Batch Cookers are used for cooking, hydrolysing, sterilising and drying of any raw material of animal origin.
The method of cooking is heat transfer that occurs between the product and the internal heat surfaces.
Efficient condensate removal ensures maximum efficiency and short processing times.

The Batch Cooker is manufactured in a range of sizes and configurations to suit all dry rendering and drying operations.
The design, manufacture and testing are compliant with International standards. Kontinuer will provide certification for the country of destination.

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